A welcome.

First things first, I suppose. 

Welcome to my blog which is centred around Emergency Ambulance Life in the South West of England.

I’ll tell you a little about myself: I started my career in the Ambulance Service working in our Emergency Operation Centre (EOC), the posh name for our control, as an Emergency Medical Dispatcher, the posh name for a 999 call taker. After around 7 months taking calls from the public for ’emergencies’, I saw an advert for a post ‘on the road’ as a Student Paramedic – working full time within the scope of an Emergency Care Assistant and studying in my own time to obtain my Paramedic Degree via the Open University over 4 years. I successfully passed the interview and assessment and began my exiting new adventure as a front-line ambulance man. Oh how naive I was about what this adventure would entail! 

Anonymity will be given to all of my colleagues and patients, otherwise I’ll be stripped of my stethoscope and flung out of the door faster than a tired simile off a shovel. It’s also worth mentioning – for fear of the same treatment as above – that the views expressed in this blog are NOT those of the South Western Ambulance Service, the NHS or any of it’s partners or subsidiaries. 

Boring bit over with, I hope to give an insight into the clandestine world of the Ambulance Service, and the things that we see every day; the good, the bad the very ugly, along with some of the unique humour shared among Ambulance Staff. 

I personally find the best way to de-stress after a horrific or emotionally draining incident, is to write about it and reflect on it, hopefully this blog will go some way to helping me with doing that. 

So, I hope you enjoy my ramblings. Feel free to comment/ask questions etc.



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