A bit of a busy one

Just got into my nice comfy bed after a rather busy 12 hour nightshift. We were on the go pretty much all night, but got back to station about two and a half hours before finishing and didn’t go out again – very welcome as it gave my crewmate and I a chance to get some sleep!

First job was a man who’d been knocked out of his wheelchair (8 hours before calling 999) but another man in their mobility scooter. When we asked him how fast he was going, he said “at least 40!! Sometimes you see him doing 90 down the path ”
Our patient was thankfully uninjured so we discharged him at scene, leaving the police to search for the grandad-boy-racer in his 90mph electric wheelchair.

Most interesting job was to backup a rapid response vehicle (RRV) – these are single manned cars able to get to the most serious of calls very quickly, ideally under the 8 minute target set to us by the government – to a lady who had fallen in the garden and was in agony with a broken hip. The RRV Paramedic had given her all the pain relief he could legally give here, so we decided to request HEMS (Helicopter Emergency Medical Services) who carry a higher level of analgesia. They came and gave Ketamine to good effect and we were able to move the lady off the floor and onto our stretcher for transport to A&E.

There was all the ‘usual’ sort of jobs too – falls, chest pains and maternities.
A good shift, made better by having an interesting, funny crewmate. It’s a long 12 hours if you don’t get along!

Anyway, off to sleep and to enjoy my rest days – well earned!

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