Some days are just…..’Q’.

There’s an unwritten rule in any healthcare/emergency service provider: If you say the ‘Q’ word, your colleagues are legally allowed to cover your face in jam and feed you to the bees!! (Page 1 of the Ambulance Service Basic Training Manual).

Today was one of those ‘Q’ days – a rarity and if I’m honest, a welcome change of pace.

I should clarify – when I say ‘Q’, we still covered 128 miles (part and parcel of a countryside ambulance station) and saw 4 patients.

One of the sheer joys of this job, is that you literally NEVER have a clue what the day will bring. Some days, you’re out the door for an emergency call 1 second after logging onto the vehicle and you might only get back to base for a quick brew before you’re out again on another shout. Other days, you’ll get 3 hours or more on station without a single callout. This time, generally, should be spent catching up on admin: time sheets, stores orders, equipment checks etc. I tend to take care of my studies in the downtime we get.

I sense that now I’ve even remotely hinted towards a ‘light’ shift, tomorrow will provide a suitable reminder about the metaphorical bees. Wish me (and my cremate) luck!

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One thought on “Some days are just…..’Q’.

  1. Alex says:

    Good luck! You are doing a great job


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