A message of good luck.

I’m a Student Paramedic.

I work full time on an ambulance working within the scope of an ECA as a crew of two, usually with a Paramedic, answering 999 calls the same as any other ambulance. I study in my own time via the Open University, on their 4 year part time course to obtain a foundation degree in paramedic sciences. This is one of a couple of ways to become a paramedic. The other popular route is a full-time university course, now 3 years here in the UK, to obtain your degree. 

At a time when student’s A-level results are being released, I just want to wish the best of luck to all young aspiring paramedics out there. 

But remember, it’s not all guts and glory; the hours are long, the equipment may not be the best, some patients will try to hurt you, there will be hours of boredom, most of your jobs are picking old people up off of the floor, the rest feels like it’s dealing with regulars, drunks or junkies, you won’t sleep, you won’t be hungry for lunch at 2am, some sights will never leave you, the politics will make you angry, you’ll never see your friends/family because you can guarantee you’ll be working the weekend/bank holiday/Christmas!

However, don’t be put of by my words of encouragement. Because once in a while, you’ll do a ‘proper ambulance job’. A job that is life or death. A job where your progressive driving, your quick thinking and the arsenal of drugs you carry will make a difference to someone’s life. Once in a while, you’ll be truly thanked for the job you do. And that, my friend, will force all of the other stuff into insignificance. That, is why we do that job we do. And don’t EVER forget it!

Welome to the best job in the world, you’re gunna hate it, you’re gunna love it!

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