Apples and oranges

It’s been a funny couple of nights here on the truck.
Last night we dealt with a major trauma patient who’d fallen top to bottom down a flight of stairs. The job came through as “sounds like neighbour has fallen down stairs”. We thought this was odd so rushed to the address. True enough, a lady, who was quite drunk, had indeed fallen down the stairs.
The entrance hallway was about 3 foot square, so getting through the door was tricky. Thankfully I’m a slim lad. She was a bit of a mess: naked as the day she was born and with some nasty facial injuries, face down with her legs up the stairs. She’d landed on and broken a shoe rack and a metal statue such was the force involved.
We had to call a second crew to help get her out with minimum movement incase she’s sustained a neck fracture. She had a reduced level of consciousness which made assessment difficult. We stabilised and immobilised her and blued her to a major trauma centre. The CT scan showed a bleed on the brain, multiple facial fractures and a broken shoulder.
The very next job was a young female pretending to be unconscious. Why? Because a boy wasn’t giving her attention. There’s easy ways to tell people are faking it, so don’t fake it!
The most poignant job so far tonight, I can’t really discuss. A lady who endured horrific sexual and physical assault years ago now has understandably questionable mental stability and self harms in an awful way. It was a high profile case at the time and the patient would be easily identifiable. A real contrast if jobs, the reason I love what I do!

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