ROSC pt.2

This post is more of a personal record for me.

We did it again yesterday! A male patient who collapsed at home in Cardiac Arrest.

Another VF arrest meaning we could attempt to restart his heart by giving a shock (like they do on the telly!) through some pads on his chest.

We gave one shock and got a pulse back. He was also trying to breathe for himself. We got another pair of hands from a nearby rapid response car, loaded him onto our ambulance and blue’d him to our nearest A&E department.

The main reason we got him back? We were on scene in 48 seconds from the time of the 999 call. From the time his heart stopped, to when we got is started again was less then 5 minutes!

VERY lucky for our patient! If we were the other side of town or further away, we may not have got him back.

I’ll try to get an update for my own piece of mind next week.

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