“[callsign] to control, we’re clear at A&E. Where would you like us?”

“Just in time, echo call coming in for a 7 month old choking, not breathing.”

“*deep breath* Roger, en-route.”

My crew mate put in a brilliantly quick, smooth drive to arrive in under three minutes.

“I’ll grab the Paediatric Resus’ bag and head in, mate. If it’s as given, I’ll grab the littlun and come straight back out and we’ll just get going to A&E”

“No worries” replied my crew mate, “I’ll grab the suction and follow you in.”

We pulled up outside and I jumped out while my crew mate made sure the handbrake was one (it’s easy to forget the simple things when the adrenaline is flowing).

I run in to find Mum holding a smiling baby who was most definitely breathing!

I’ve said it before, the relief is quite overwhelming in a situation like this.

it turns out the baby had stopped breathing for a short period of 5-8 seconds. It happened twice more while we were on scene. We took her to A&E where she was checked but he paediatric doctors. She’ll be fine, but a worrying time for mum…and us!

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