I feel that it is in my best interests – self preservation if you will – not to talk in too much detail about the strike action taking place at the moment. But I will say this:

Rest assured, that during the 4 hours of strike action, the ambulance service will still be providing ‘life and limb’* cover. So if someone calls 999 with a life threatening complaint, they will still get an ambulance. The crew will treat it as they would with any other emergency – with blue lights and sirens, progressive driving, thorough patient assessment, professionalism and the most appropriate pathway for the patient involved.

There is a second day of strikes planned, on which I will stand shoulder to shoulder with my colleagues in green.

So if you see us, midwives, hospital technicians or any other NHS fraternity on the picket line on the 24th November, please support us by waving, beeping your horn or stopping for a chat, safe in the knowledge that real emergencies are still being dealt with.

*Surely the ambulance service only ever provides ‘life and limb’ cover……trust me, that’s a different story and a different post 🙂

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