Busy Busy Busy

It seems that shifts in the Ambulance Service are getting busier and busier as the months go on.

I was speaking with a colleague who joined the service 30-odd years ago. He was saying that the night shift crew used to come into the station, say cheerio to the day crew, set up their camping beds and sleeping bags and settle down for a good kip. It was, apparently, a rarity to have an emergency in the middle of the night.

Nowadays, the night shift will come into the station, say cheerio to the day crew and get an emergency straight away. Last night, we were busy (job to job to job to job) for almost 9 hours before we even got a break!

I remember when I used to take 999 calls (about 3 years ago) and it was a novelty, if in a 24 hour period, we received 900 emergency calls. Last night, we received in excess of 1400 emergency calls in 24 hours! These extra calls are being covered by the same amount of ambulances, which is why we seem so busy.

Morale is low, let me tell you. So wouldn’t this be a dreadful time for the Trust to input a new Rest Break policy meaning that crews don’t get back to their own stations (where there food is) for a break? Yes. Yes it would…

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