Major Incident.

A few weeks ago, there was a ‘standby’ for a major incident. It came in just after my nightshift finished so I was praying it wouldn’t escalate into a full ‘declared’ major incident – especially after I heard the details of what it was.

This was the recorded phone transmission (minus the exact location, and as best I can remember it):

“Major incident standby, major incident standby. [Location, which was a disused unit in an industrial estate in the city]. Incident type – Illegal Rave. Hazzards include alcohol, drugs, weapons and violence, persons reported in the water. Access via [Roadname]. Between 300 and 800 persons and potential casualties. Currently on scene – Ambulance, Air Ambulance x 2, BASICS Doctors, HART (Hazardous Area Response Team), Fire & Rescue, Police including Riot Police. Details to follow, standby.”

-For those that are interested, this is a METHANE report used to cascade the information of a major incident. If a full incident is declared, then people start to get called back into work.

Although this sounded like a juicy incident to attend, it was most likely just a load of people who’d arranged an illegal rave, it got a bit out of hand, someone phoned the police to complain and all hell broke lose.

It was never declared as a full major incident. Which I was glad about as it meant I could get some post-nightshift sleep before my next 12 hour shift. Nobody died or was injured as far as I know and the ‘persons in water’ was probably someone high on acid who thought taking a swim in the River Avon would give him super powers!!

I’m yet to deal with a ‘proper’ major incident, but I’m sure that they’d see my potential to deal with a serious incident and let me be in charge…..of parking. Yep, there’s a ‘Parking Officer’. You even get a high vis’ tabard and tell crews where to park.

My friends and family would be like “WOAH, we saw that huge incident on the TV, were you there?”

And I’d wryly reply “Oh that? Yeah I was there”, while casually sipping a cup of hot chocolate.

“Bloody hell, it looked bad. Bet you saw some stuff there, mate?!”

“Yes, yes I did; have you ever seen 12 ambulances try to parallel park? Nightmare….”

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