A message to shift workers.

My dear shift working colleagues. As you awake on Christmas day, don your uniforms and head out into the cold for another hard days work, please spare a thought for the poor, poor souls who are forced not to be at work.

Many establishments choose to close over the Christmas period, meaning that workers are not allowed onto the premises, even if they wanted to work.

They will surely awake – not by the usual 0630 alarm, but with calls of “HAPPY CHRISTMAS” from exited children bouncing on their beds, then commence the Christmas routine:

  • Drinking alcohol in the morning inducing a hangover by 2pm which can only be cured by more alcohol.
  • Eating an enormous meal so large that you simply have no more room for food, apart from the Christmas Pudding, Chocolate, Cheese board, crisps and sweets. You’re so full you feel you may vomit, but have more alcohol instead.
  • Giving and receiving gifts aplenty, all the while with festive songs on the radio and blockbuster films on the telly.

Meanwhile, you will be undertaking your usual duties of the day – some may decide to wear a festive santa hat, or some tinsel in their hair, but many will simply wear their own uniforms in the normal manner.

As you maybe able to tell from the tone of this post, I am most certainly the latter. I’m on relief (relief is where they extract you from your rota for 2 consecutive weeks every 10 to work whatever days they have shortages due to sickness/holiday at whatever station they dictate within a 25 mile radius of your base station – it’s a ball ache!) and so working three nights on Christmas Eve’, Christmas Day and Boxing Day. Although all the core rota shifts are covered, my ambulance trust believes that these days are the busiest of the year and so insists on running an extra double crewed ambulance for the period. YES!!

Anyway, my bitterness aside. Have a lovely Christmas and stay safe – I’d like very much not to leave the Ambulance Station all night!!

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