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So far, every post on this blog has been typed by the hands of a Student Paramedic. I’m pleased to say that I have passed my Paramedic Science Degree course and am now awaiting my Paramedic Registration with the Health and Care Professional Council (HCPC) – the body with which all UK Paramedics must be registered to lawfully practice.

Until then I am allowed to work as an Ambulance Practitioner; like an Advanced EMT. This means that I have autonomy and can work as a senior clinician on a vehicle, making clinical decisions for my patients. I am able to give a range of drugs (excluding IV drugs and controlled drugs such as Morphine) which finally allows me to treat my patients for a range of conditions from heart attacks to anaphylactic shock.

Today, it seems I have no crew mate to work with, meaning that I will be solo responding in an Ambulance, which is suitably terrifying!

As it seems I’m on a run of rubbish jobs, such as a 9 year old with a grazed elbow, a man with a 12 year history of back pain, an RTC with NO DAMAGE to either car and a young man who was worried he’d contracted an STD, I’m not worried about it being an eventful shift!

I’ll let you know how it goes!

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